Andrew Borysenko

Andrew Borysenko

Product&Project Management, Marketing, Design, Entrepreneur

Hi! My name is Andrew.

I am a Product & Project Manager, Marketer, Designer, Financial Manager, and Entrepreneur.

I have the next experience:

* Product Management - more than 4 years

* Project Management - more than 6 years

* Marketing - more than 4 years

* Motion and UX/UI Design - more than 8 years

* Financial Management - more than 6 years

* Entrepreneurship - more than 8 years

Like Product & Project Manager I worked with different successful products such as WiFi Map, MoyTelecom, AMarkets, Adrenaline Studios, FinanceWorld.

Also, I am well skilled in Motion and UX/UI Design. I have experience from 2011 till today. Many advertising videos were made by me. My clients were: IMAX, IMAX 4DX, UkrLandFarming, and much more.

My passion for finance has grown into a professional career. I have extensive experience in trading and investing in the forex and stock market. The real estate market is just as close to me and I know how to make money on it.

I realized that for success it is necessary to constantly develop, acquire new knowledge, and put it into practice in our rapidly changing world.

Knowledge, right thinking, and action are the path to success.

I would be glad to share my experience here on Udemy with you.