Viktoriia Klopotova Profession

Viktoriia Klopotova Profession

The best professional nail school in Europe

Viktoriia Klopotova

• 2-time Champion of the most prestigious World Cup NAILPRO Cup Finale - IBS Las Vegas, 2016, 2017

• 6-time Vice Champion NAILPRO Cup Finale - IBS LasVegas, 2016, 2017

• 2-time 2nd Vice Champion of NAILPRO Cup Finale - IBS LasVegas, 2014, 2015

• 4 times winner of the "Olympic Nail Competition", 2011

• European Champion, 2009

• 2-time Vice Champion of Europe, 2007, 2010

• Champion of Ukraine, 2004

• Champion of Kiev (Ukraine), 2003

• Author of the PIPE shape (she developed the shape in 2005)

• The owner and creator of the brand NLn.o.b.e.l., 2011

• A Judge in various championships of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Asia, and the United States of America.

• The director of the prestigious NAILPRO World Cup in Europe

• A lecturer who gives workshops and courses throughout Europe and Asia. A key participant in numerous projects in nail aesthetics in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil.

• The founder and author of the training program titled "Professional Nail School by Viktoriia Klopotova".