Andrii Pogorilyi

Andrii Pogorilyi

Online Investor, Trader, Coach, YouTube Certified Expert

Hey, I'm Andrew and I have 15 YouTube Channels with 1 000 000+ audience, 7000+ likes on Facebook, and 10 000+ students on Udemy! 

Some of info about me: 

- Serial Internet Entrepreneur, 10+ years of experience in Digital Business 

- SMM Expert: Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Periscope etc. 

- 14000+ Udemy students and 7+ Courses 

- Founder of iTuber with 15 000+ members

- YouTube Certified Expert in Audience Growth, only 3500+ people passed that certification around the world

- Owner of YouTube Silver Button, the reword from Google for surpassing 100 000 subscribers on the channel

- Leading partnership manager of Worlds biggest Canadian MCN BroadBandTV 

Me and my team iTuber have a 5 years YouTube experience. We already helped more then 200+ of individuals and company's to grow their channels, increase a number of their subscribers and views and triple their revenue. 

Now we are start teaching at Udemy and our goal is to spread a message about YouTube and help people to change their lives by creating a great YouTube channels and own money by doing something that they liked to do! 

We are very exited to be here and hope to serve all Udemy community well with our experience! Nice to meet you friend and welcome to our courses!