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The 3rd Wuhan International Pump Valve, Pipeline & Water Treatment Expo баннер
Ухань, Wuhan International Expo Center

The 3rd Wuhan International Pump Valve, Pipeline & Water Treatment Expo

WTE 2019, Water Control with Technology Hosted by Asian Water Conservancy Enterprise Federation and Hubei Society of Hydropower Engineering (HSHE), WTE 2019 is scheduled to cover an exhibition area of 20,000m2, which attracts mass excellent enterprises in pump valve, pipeline and water treatment to showcase advanced water technology and solution. WTE 2019 dedicates to setting up a platform for water technology trade and exchange in central China, driving the domestic and foreign enterprises to open up new markets.

Based on the theme of “Water Control with Technology”, WTE 2019 will comprise four parts, such as sewage treatment, pump valve pipe, membrane and water treatment as well as terminal water purification, to solve the sewage treatment difficulties of the municipal, industrial and living sectors. 

Review of WTE 2018

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, WTE 2018 invited 300 exhibitors at home and abroad, attracting 20,000 professional visitors to visit, such as water conservancy (water) departments, design institutes, engineering companies, water companies, sewage treatment plants, and agents and distributors, etc. There are some domestic and overseas enterprises attending WTE 2018, including Huhang, Jinbo, Geye, CNVA, Youjian, Huayi, Bolida, Xinsheng, Deyongxin, Jklong, GT, Shieyu, Nanyuan, Dengfeng, 3 Mio, Zhili, Huasheng, KEITI and other well-known enterprises.

Exhibition Scope

  • Sewage and waste water treatment technology and equipment
  • New sludge treatment technology and equipment
  • Technology and equipment of membrane and membrane separation
  • Pipeline
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Terminal clean water/drinking water equipment/accessory products
  • Accessories
  • Supporting services  

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