2020 Asia Packaging & Printing Industry Expo баннер

2020 Asia Packaging & Printing Industry Expo

APPI will cover an exhibition space of 30,000 square meters, of which the packaging product exhibition area will reach 10,000 square meters
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Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group логоGuangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
19 - 21 марта 2020
Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Overview of APPI

APPI will cover an exhibition space of 30,000 square meters, of which the packaging product exhibition area will reach 10,000 square meters. Besides, 200+ packaging products related enterprises are to exhibit while 50000+ professional visitors will be invited, covering 40+ countries and regions.

Exhibition Scope

1. Packaging Products

▪ Paper packaging products (gift boxes, corrugated boxes, fancy cartons, paper cans, paper cups, fiber drums, paper bags, people trays, pulp molding, paper display stands, etc.);

▪ Plastic packaging products (bags, bottles, pots, cups, boxes, barrels) and other types of plastic packaging products;

▪ Metal packaging products, aluminum foil containers, wood packaging products, glass packaging products, packaging products made by non-woven fabric, composite, flocking, leather, etc.

2. Packaging Materials

▪ Paper packaging materials (special paper, hardcover paper, security paper, watermark paper, patterned paper, leatherette paper, paperboard, greyboard, flock dusted paper, synthetic paper, stone paper, coated paper, honeycomb fiberboard, corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, thermal paper, etc.);

▪ Plastic packaging materials (pre-coated film, composite film, aluminized film, protective film, laser film, 3D cold laminating film, flash film, wrapping film, heat shrink film, food packaging film, wrap film, high-resistance film, stretch film, fiber film, sealing film, etc.), plastic sheets (PVC sheet, PET sheet, PP sheet), bottle caps, bottle mats, etc.;

▪ Cloth packaging materials (non-woven fabrics, flocking cloths, bookbinding cloths, various textile packaging fabrics); all kinds of binding materials, leather packaging materials, aluminum foil packaging materials, flocking packaging materials, composite packaging materials, EVA, EPE, EPP, foam materials, and other packaging materials.

3. Packaging Accessories

▪ Auxiliary Packaging Materials: Adhesive (sealing rubber, laminating adhesive, hot melt), printing inks (paper printing inks, plastic printing inks, special inks for other materials, photosensitive inks, security ink, other functional inks), UV coating oil, color masterbatch, cover materials, gilding materials, aluminum foil, biodegradable materials, packing tapes, packing buckles, desiccants, cup lids, gaskets, sealing tapes, ribbons, flexible packaging, trays, hollow board, turnover box, angle bead, eco-friendly tableware, packaging zippers, pallets, etc.

4. Packaging Equipment

▪ Automated Intelligent Packaging Machinery

Automated packaging production lines, integration packaging production lines, industrial robots (palletizers, sorters, cartons, container transportation equipment, stackers, demolition machines), and others;

▪ Corrugated case machinery and equipment, honeycomb box machinery and equipment, etc.;

▪ Logistics Storage Equipment and Systems

Bar code information systems, conveyors, stacking cranes, shelves, sorting machines, etc.;

▪ Outer Packaging Machinery

Palletizing machines, strapping machines, cartoning machines, shrink packaging machines, automatic packing machines, sealing machines, container machinery, skin packaging machines, packaging machines, counting machines, etc.;

▪ Inner Packaging Machinery

Sealing machinery, wrapping machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, aseptic packaging machinery, molding-filling-sealing packaging machine, filling machinery, metering and filling machinery, etc.;

▪ Food Packaging Equipment

▪ Packaging testing equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc.

5. Related Packaging Equipment

▪ All kinds of packaging materials processing machinery and injection molding machinery (suction molding, blow molding, rotational molding), extrusion machinery, box making machinery, bag making machinery, can make machinery, processing production lines, automatic printing and labeling systems, RFID printing and labeling application programs, detecting instrument and strapping equipment, etc.

6. Featured Packaging

▪ Luxury Packaging: Perfume packaging, jewelry packaging, cosmetic packaging, wine packaging, food packaging, tea packaging, tobacco packaging, and related packaging;

▪ Label Identification and Anti-counterfeiting: Labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting printing technology, RFID technology, barcode technology, in-mold labeling, heat shrinkage labels, etc.;

▪ Functional Packaging: Cushion packaging, rust-proof packaging, cold chain packaging, recyclable packaging, IoT packaging, fresh food packaging, etc.

7. Flexible Packaging & Film

8. Printing Technology and Equipment

▪ Pre-printing

Publishing software, prepress software, workflow and data processing software, multimedia software, coding & identification software and equipment, input devices, output devices, forme production equipment and systems, stamping equipment, color matching systems, etc.;

▪ Printing

Sheet-fed offset presses, web offset presses, flexo printing machines, letterpress printing machines, gravure presses, hybrid presses, digital printing machines and systems, screen printers, lithographic presses, special printing machines, peripheral equipment, rubber rollers, etc.;

▪ Post-press and Paper Processing Equipment

Binding machines, post-press processing machines, paper processing, equipment conversion, sanitary paper processing equipment, paper processing equipment, plate cutting machines, coding and recognition systems, etc.;

▪ Paper, Printed Materials, Inks, and Related Supplies

▪ Supporting and Base Equipment

▪ Service and Software Industry

19 - 21 марта 2020
Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
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