``Starter pack-2``(all about Russian cases)

Russian cases
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  • Russian cases & Prepositions


  • Ability to read and write in Russian because in this course we will learn Russian cases and prepositions


In the ```Starter pack-2`` we will learn all 6 Russian cases, prepositions that are used with Russian cases and declension of adjectives according to Russian cases. In this course you will learn how to differentiate cases, which prepositions to use them with. You will gain new vocabulary(nouns, adjectives, verbs), but it does not mean we will forget about those we learnt in ``Starter pack-1``,I combined the vocabulary of the both courses for you to practice building sentences.

Для кого этот курс

  • This course is for students who need help with Russian cases.
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Lesson-1.Prepositional case
Lesson-2.Dative case
Lesson-3.Genitive case
Lesson-4.Accusative case
Lesson-5.Instrumental case
Lesson-6.Prepositions used with cases (1)
Lesson-7.Prepositions used with cases (2)
Lesson-8.Declension of adjectives
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