Russian for survival. All you need about Russian

The curated course of pre-recorded Russian classes for beginners
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Чему вы научитесь

  • Greet somebody and say farewell
  • Tell about yourself briefly (name, age, place of living, occupation, hobby)
  • Tell about your occupation and work, your hobby
  • Tell about your free time and activities
  • Express likes, dislikes and preferences
  • Say that you want something
  • Use negative expressions


  • No skills in Russian are required
  • Strong desire and motivation to study


The Russian for Survival course is intended for Russian beginners who want to learn the basic vocabulary that will let them understand simple Russian phrases: greetings and farewells, family members, food, numbers, days of the week, months, professions, qualifying adjectives, the most usual verbs and much more.

What we do:

  • Provide video and audio lessons
  • Use up-to-date books
  • Provide regular exercises and quizzes
  • Speak practical Russian;)

What my students say: 

"Excellent lesson! Maria is a personable and highly effective instructor. She makes the challenge of learning a new alphabet and language much easier and far less intimidating. I look forward to our lessons" - Terry Meyer, US

"She is a professional and very good at teaching. She always finds an easy way to make you understand the Russian grammar. I am very happy to learn from Maria" - Birkan Demir, Turkey

"Superb lesson! I always say the same thing, but I think this was our best hour so far!" - Manuel Rodrigues, Mexico

Для кого этот курс

  • Russian learners, Russian beginners
Lesson 1-0. Introduction.
Lesson 1-1. Greetings and farewells
Lesson 1-2. Formal and Informal Greetings
Greetings and farewells
Lesson 1-3. How Are You?
How are you?
What is your name?
Lesson 1-4. Polite phrases in Russian
Lesson 2-1. What is your name?
Lesson 2-2. What is you name_2
Lesson 2-3. Where are from?
Lesson 2-4. Where are you from?_2
Lesson 2-5. Where are from_3
Where are you from?
Lesson 2-6. How old are you?
Lesson 2-7. How old are you?_2
Lesson 2-8. What do you do?
Lesson 2-9. How old are you?_3
How old are you?
Lesson 2-10. What do you do?_2
What do you do?
Lesson 2-11. Common phases and useful expressions
Lesson 3-1. Repeat
Lesson 3-2. Repeat. Formal and informal YOU
Lesson 3-3. I have/I don't have
Lesson 3-4. Repeat. What do you do? Where do you live?
Lesson 3-5. Repeat. What do you do? What do you like?
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Maria Dubovitskaya
Russian Tutor
Открытый набор
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