Personal & Business Introductions. #GetFluent in #Russian.

Russian for Specific Purposes and Communication Training: strategy to becoming confident improving your speaking.
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Чему вы научитесь

  • you will learn how to create your personal and business “high impact introductions” in Russian
  • you will learn how to remove your mother tongue interference and how to create Russian Language melody, rithm and intonation.
  • you will learn easy, fun and powerful “How to be Fluent and Sound like a Native” strategies when reading in Russian
  • you will learn “how to speak in public “ tips you need to master your Russian
  • you will learn how to understand better “Russian Mentality”: Why Russians don’t smile much. Stereotypes and evidence.
  • you will learn how to practice words’ and phrases’ pronunciation when expanding your vocabulary
  • you will learn how to asses yourself when doing introductions and how to get an outstanding final result


  • Have a basic knowledge of the Russian language
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the PDF Lesson Notes and Transcripts


How will you feel by the end of the course?

You will feel extremely confident when introducing yourself personally and professionally in Russian.

You will feel a huge satisfaction and tranquility when noticing that it is you the one that controls the situation and hence secures your own success.

You will notice huge progress in the quality of your spoken Russian and its pronunciation (when applied to personal and professional introductions)

You will feel that you can identify your weak points when introducing yourself so that it is easier to make your weaknesses develop into your strengths.

You will feel more creative and capable of thinking out of the box.

What will you learn by the end of the course?

Section 1 (Academic Part):

You will be able to go over the topics you learned and notice areas for improvement, you will be able to understand, consolidate and use Reading and pronunciation rules when speaking Russian.

Sections 2 & 3 (Learning Language Strategies & Russian Culture, creating Public Speaking skills ):

You will learn about the pronunciation of words and phrases while expanding your vocabulary at the same time.

You will learn how to get rid of your mother tongue’s influence and hence acquire a Russian Language melody, rhythm, and intonation when speaking.

You will learn easy, fun and powerful “How to be Fluent and Sound like a Native” strategies when reading and speaking in Russian.

You will learn how to create your personal and business “high impact introductions”.

You will learn “how to speak in public” tips.

You will learn how to better understand “Russian Mentality”: Why don’t Russian people smile as much? You will learn about such stereotypes.

You will learn how to asses yourself when doing introductions and how to get an outstanding final result.

Why should you choose my course:

My talent is to know the exact needs of my students, define their student profile and select the appropriate resources for each case. This allows me to create a strategy and a learning routine that will help my students get the most out of the classes in a short amount of time.

As a career, I studied the learning strategies of foreign languages ​​and worked as a language teacher for 25 years in a face to face mode. I know the needs of the students in depth, as well as the difficulties that create barriers between them and their rapid and satisfactory progress, as well as the steps that can turn a problem into an opportunity. My professional experience allows me to group and classify these needs, link the difficulties related to each need and offer the strategies that work best in the vast majority of cases. For this reason, I have decided to address a single topic in each course (a lack, a need or a problem that students have, such as the ones you can encounter in Personal and Business Introductions, for instance) instead of offering a general course about the Russian language. I’ve selected the topics that are of great interest because they cover the real shortcomings that exist so that each student is able to choose the class that will most suit and help him/her.

Who’s this course for?

Russian Language learners with at least an Elementary Level.

Russian and Slavic Studies Students

People traveling frequently to Russia

People interested in mastering Russian

Students that have struggled to learn Russian in the past

Students that would like to understand HOW languages are learned

People having Russian Friends and studying Russian

People looking to expand their business in Russia

How will this course help your professional and personal lives?

1. Giving an elegant and complete personal introduction will allow you to feel really confident:

It gives you the perfect opportunity to broaden your social circle. Speaking another language will give you a huge advantage when it comes to making new friends and contacts.

2. Giving a professional “high impact “ business introduction will allow you

to improve your employment opportunities and develop your vocabulary and fluency skills.

3. Creating and Practicing Public Speaking skills will allow you to get multiple benefits:

✔︎get personal and professional success

✔︎help with career advancement

✔︎boost confidence

✔︎build critical thinking skills

✔︎improve communication skills

✔︎make new social connections

✔︎expand your professional network

✔︎build leadership skills

✔︎learn performance skills

✔︎no fear of impromptu speaking

✔︎get personal satisfaction

It allows you to learn something new, useful and different.

How it works and why it works

I have created a new concept of video classes, that works in depth on a specific topic since I’ve noticed that many times students have a good academic knowledge, but they are not able to use this knowledge when speaking. To understand it better imagine a great wardrobe (your head) with a lot of clothes (knowledge acquired previously) and you in front of this closet, looking at it and without knowing what to choose. Ignorance can lead to undesirable situations, such as throwing away a dress that suits you, going to the theatre in a tracksuit or practicing sports in pyjamas. This is because we spend a lot of time shopping for new clothes (= doing the theoretical classes) and we dedicate little or no time to understand, assimilate, practice and bring to automatism what we have learned. The concept of my video classes is based on a quick review of academic subjects related to the practical part (Section 1) and a deep practice of the subject in question (Section 2). I will teach you some of the best learning strategies for each specific need that will allow me to create original exercises, which are fun and with great final results. This system is highly supported by my students, and it works because I know how to explain concepts in an easy to understand way and I am very demanding (and sweet at the same time) when training my students. Small amounts of information about the culture (Section 3) will create a moment of rest, that will result in being useful and allow you to relax at the same time. I have adapted my personal method for video courses to help more people achieve their dreams when it comes to learning a language.

What my students say:

I have had a variety of language courses with Anna Valadzko, always with a satisfactory result. Her personalised approach, closer to coaching than to traditional language teaching, has allowed me to always achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the course, regardless of whether I needed to learn a complicated language such as Russian, improve my professional skills with financial English, or improve my public presentations by improving my style and pronunciation of the English language. At the methodological level, it is totally innovative and she is capable to motivate you continuously, helping you to concentrate and take advantage of every minute that you have invested.

Manuel Matutes Mestre. Board Member at Palladium Hotel Group.

Having Anna as my Russian teacher has been a pleasure. It has helped me to learn the language at my own pace and in a very fun and pleasant way, emphasising elements such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking, which are many times left out in traditional classes. Going to one of Anna’s classes is a synonym to fun and learning new things about life through a new language while acquiring new knowledge about a completely different culture. I highly recommended it, really. For a different way of learning a language, to appreciate it and always get the most out of it. Someone that motivates you to keep improving.

Sònia Romaní

As Anna Valadzko’s Russian student of 3 years, I want to emphasise her discipline and her methodical way of teaching. Pondering the grammar and the conversation, in such a way that the lesson was very entertaining as well as instructive, both in speaking and in grammar. Her techniques were highly useful for my professional development. With Anna’s help, I was able to turn Russian into a very useful tool in my day-to-day work (Logistics sector).

Ralph Müller, sector Logistics

Anna's classes are very effective, inspiring and motivating, with their own methodology and with the active use of new technologies. I have studied various languages throughout the years, I have had different types of teachers and Anna's classes are the best classes I have ever enjoyed. I totally recommend it.

Ana Ceano-Vivas Tremosa.

I have known Anna for many years and I’ve had many courses with her. She was my first contact with Russian, and Anna makes the learning of such language, which, from the point of view of the majority seems impossible to speak, somewhat easy. Anna brings you great enthusiasm for Russia’s culture, which I think is essential when it comes to speaking Russian correctly. Her sympathy and great availability when solving doubts or answering questions are priceless. Always being willing to clarify what is necessary for each of her students makes one wish for the next class to come at the end of each lesson. In short, she spreads enthusiasm to learn and study. She inspires her students when they are discouraged by a challenge, not only about Russian but also about other aspects of life. It shows that she loves her work. I would not trade Anna for anything.

Mònica R

My experience as a Russian student with Anna has been enormously positive. Anna is a teacher who takes great care of her students through teaching. She helps them to take advantage of their potential and reinforce those aspects that may seem quite difficult at first. With her, you not only learn the language and the grammar, but you also learn about the culture, which leads to having a very nice time in class and while learning.

Elizabeth Vargas

Для кого этот курс

  • Chinese people studying Russian
  • Russian and Slavic Studies Students
  • People traveling frequently to Russia
  • People interested in master Russian
  • Learners who have struggled to learn Russian in the past
  • Learners who would like to understand HOW languages are learned
  • People having Russian Friends and studying Russian
  • People looking to expand their business in Russia
  • Chinese people doing business with Russia
  • Russian Language learners
Academic Part
Learning Language Strategies
Public Speaking Skills. Eye on Russian Culture.
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